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Two Thumb Tattoo Studio Berjaya Times Square Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Two Thumb Tattoo studio.

Looking for a tattoo design?

There are over 400 tattoo photos in our gallery for you to browse through to find ideas for your new ink. To make it easier to browse, they are divided into categories:


Tribal tattoo on two pages

Cross and religious tattoo

Name tattoo

Dragon and koi tattoo

Animal tattoo—scorpion, tiger, lion, dolphin, phoenix, wolf……

Skull, jester, grim reaper tattoo…….

Girl tattoo, pin up, angel, fairy, portrait…

Butterfly tattoo

Flower tattoo

Mixed tattoo designs on two pages


Before you get a tattoo or piercing, there are a few tips to make it a better experience. We do a lot of custom tattoos and tattoo cover up and we encourage people to bring their own tattoo ideas to have a personalized piece of art.

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At Two Thumb, we are very serious about keeping tattoo and piercing hygienic and safe. The potential for blood borne pathogens (virus and bacteria), skin disorders and infections to be passed between clients is very high if equipment is not sterile and surroundings not hygienic.

We use a FujiKogaku autoclave that utilizes steam and dry heat to sterilize our equipment in individual pouches. Autoclaves are considered the best form of sterilization. New needles and ink is used for each customer. We don’t recycle, and in this kind of business that’s a good thing.

You can feel confident and safe getting your tattoo and body piercing, knowing that all equipment, needles, ink, jewelry and aftercare is imported from respected companies in UK and U.S.

This affects our prices but it is all important for your health, vibrant, solid and well healed tattoo.

The tattoo photos on this website are just a few of the tattoos we have done during the past 11 years. The newest tattoos are on the Facebook page.

Here you can also find directions to Two Thumb Tattoo Studio and if you are staying in Kuala Lumpur, your hotel is probably nearby and you can walk or take the Monorail that stops in Berjaya Times Square.

You can walk in any time and choose a design you like, but however small it is, be ready to spend at least two hours with us. This is art that should be given it’s due respect and time.


If you have a budget you may not be able to get what you want, it may be better to find what you like and then save for it, unless you are getting married tomorrow!


Custom made and large tattoos take longer time. You may bring your own design, idea or choose a design from our stock to modify. It may take a while to draw up and few hours or even two or more sittings to finish so make sure you have plenty of time.


Old girlfriends names, done while drunk and other disasters can be covered. There is no magic eraser, but hopefully you read our FAQ before you end up in that situation.